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Welcome to Dams3l! The site is owned by Annalisa, an old child from Italy who started making graphics shy out of school, and aims to offer loads of quality content. Take a look around, comment in the cbox and just enjoy.


Counting started on 07/31/2019.

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New gorgeous look

DATE :: 09/04/2020
Hi guys, whassup? I don't have new colors, or new additions in general, but I couldn't wait (until I had something) to show this gorgeous layout. The amazing Kelsie @ Softwaves colored (Loveblush's stylesheet base) and made the header....and I'm in awe and adoration of this and her. ♥♥
I plan to update new schemes - and maybe PSDs previews (I've been trying my hand at them, and hopefully I can come up with some decent ones) - before the end of the month, so stay tuned for the new stuff.
See you all next time; ciao. XOXO

Lovely summer

DATE :: 05/23/2020
Hi guys, whassup? I made a spring/summer version, and added some (not so summer-y) colors schemes....I hope you don't mind that my updates are always small (more like tiny xD). I try to be a "quality over quantity" girl - a few good things are better to me than a huge mediocre batch uploaded just to make number - and hopefully that comes out in my updates. One day who knows, I might be able to make huge updates full of beautiful things like my inspiration sites do, but in the meantime enjoy this teeny-tiny one. And remember to stay home and stay safe. <3
See you all on next update; ciao. XOXO

Halloween time!!

DATE :: 10/15/2019
Hi guys, whassup? I don't have anything new to add, but I made an Halloween-themed layout for the site and I thought to upload it anyway. Hope you'll like it. I also hope I'll be able to upload new things before Halloween actually comes, but in case that didn't happen Happy Halloween to everyone.
See you all on next update; ciao. XOXO

First update

DATE :: 08/20/2019
Hi guys, whassup? It's almost the end of August, my mind boggles at how fast time goes....and I'm kind of rejoicing tbh, as summer is my less favorite season (too hot, too sweaty, too many mosquitoes...nope, winter all the way).
And I still can't believe it's coming so soon, but this is Dams3l's first true update; it's not a very big update - I've only added 35 new color schemes - but it comes together with a new version (which is quite a feat for me) so I hope you'll enjoy the new additions. :)
See you all on next update; ciao. XOXO

Grand opening

DATE :: 07/31/2019
Hi there and welcome to Dams3l, formerly known as Freakishly...a name that had started to sound kind of childish to me, so I decided to change it and start over. I didn't add a lot of new content - only 10 brand new schemes - but I plan to add more soon.
Enjoy your visit; cbox for feedback, affie requests - elite are on invitation only, sorry :p - and everything else is on the left.
See you all next time; ciao. XOXO